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         The studio was opened in April 2006 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The founder and head of the studio Rustam Turaliev. (beingan employee of the company "Geleos Media" (Moscow), participated in developing of the game “Lada Racing Club”).

         Today, the studio offers various services: the creation of commercials, TV intros, banners tv, visual special effects, video presentations, mobile applications, but most of the emphasis on the development and creation of animated films.
animated films producer and director
       It took some time for the studio to enter to theanimated films industry  and the right to be called of "animation studio" was received after producing of the series of short animated films in 2010-2011. The studio made its first steps in the computer graphics by making 3D models for computer games. The next step wascreation of commercials and presentation reels.
анимационная студия в Алматы
In 2007, the first steps were made in theanimation by issuing the first in Kazakhstan fully animated music clip - "Dancing summer".
In 2008, we have produced our first animated film – “Northern stories”

In 2010, the studio’s specialists were invited in the film making studio of JSC "Kazakhfilm" to work forthe ambitious feature-length project, "Er-Tostik and Aydahar”.
Rustam Turaliyev was involved as co-writer, director and executive producer.
производство рекламных роликов анимационных роликов в Алматы
In 2013, the first Kazakh feature-length animated film "Er-Tostik and Aydahar” was issued in cinemas in 3D format.

    In 2013, the studio TURRUS produced two mobile applications for kids: “Animal sounds” and “Cat and mice”

   In 2014, the studio started developing its Youtube channel by producing short animated films based on the game “World of Tanks” (by Wargaming.net)

    We are glad to work with private clients, studios, companies and public organizations. We realize our clients’ ideas, thoughts and ambitions.
   Having more than 10 years of operations the studio enjoys its insourced and outsourced thetop specialists and equipment.Our biggest pride is the vast experience in producing commercials and animated films.
анимационная студия в Алматы
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